How It Works

When a customer purchases and completes lab testing enabled through your “affiliate link” you’ll earn a commission. As an affiliate, you decide what type of health screenings and lab tests to promote. Using the Ulta Wellness banners and product links, you earn commissions on any completed lab test sold as a result of your link to! We handle the transaction, processing, and customer service.

Our affiliate program is absolutely free to join and use!

Here's what you will get as an Ulta Wellness Affiliate

  • Receive up to 10% of Sales as a Commission

    • You can earn commissions as high as 10% of a product's price just for referring buyers!
      • You'll earn 10% commission on all your completed sales the first 60 days your account becomes active.
      • You’ll earn 5% commission on your completed monthly sales from $1 to $1000.
      • You’ll earn 10% commission on all your completed sales when your monthly sales exceed $1000.
      • Unlimited affiliate commissions for recurring product sales. You will earn a commission for all future orders that your customers place.
  • Receive Commissions on Referrals

    • You can earn additional commission when you recruit others to join our affiliate program. You’ll receive an additional 3% commission for the monthly sales for each affiliate that you directly signed into our affiliate program. Note: commissions are tracked by your affiliate link and limited to “only the affiliate” that enrolled directly through your recruiting efforts.
  • Payouts

    • We’ll pay you monthly for all commissions earned over $25. All commissions under the limit will carry over each month and will be paid once they meet the $25 commission minimum.
  • Wide Choice of Lab Tests and Health Screenings to Promote

    • Over 1,500 lab tests and health screenings available.
    • Over 120 categories of tests based upon condition, lifestyle or body system.
  • Tracking System

    • Cookie stays active for 60 days. Any customers who purchase a lab test within 60 days of clicking on your affiliate link will be credited to your commission account.
    • Multidimensional visitor tracking ensures you are credited for all sales.
  • Easy-To-Use Powerful Reports

    • Track views, visitors and sales always in real-time.
    • Find out product conversion rates and profitability.
    • Know traffic sources.

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